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Solutions for the Advent of Javascript Challenge

Implemented with web dev framework Reken

Advent of Javascript challenge

Complete 24 Javascript coding challenges from December 1st - 24th. Organized by The challenges evolve around making static web sites/apps interactive.

Who are you?

Glad you asked, I'm Henry van den Broek, developer of Reken. And I love this challenge to put Reken through its paces. And so far Reken seems to be a great match to help solve the challenges. You'll see that some solutions are literally just a sprinkle of Reken goodness.

Why Reken?

Reken is an easy way to add functionality to a static website. I build Reken with that in mind. Take existing HTML, sprinkle some Reken data-* attributes and see it come alive like putting lights in a Christmas tree.

Where can I find the solutions?

You'll find the solutions source code on Github. With direct links to the solutions below. I also created a Github pages website (this page) where you can see the live demos